Mental Health Counseling Services In Temple Texas.
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Mental Health Counseling Services Temple TX

According to National Alliance on Mental Health 1 in 5 adults experienced a mental illness or issue each year. 21 million people suffer from a major depressive disorder, 48 million people suffered from anxiety disorders and 9 million people suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. Mental health issues are more common than most of us realize and seeking help should not be looked down upon. At Aspiring Minds Counseling, we offer multiple mental health services to all of Central Texas and help adult men and women overcome their issues and get back to living their best life. Take a look at some of our most frequent services and reach out today for a free consultation.

Depression Counseling

Depression wears a variety of faces and it is our goal to help you better understand yours. Our mental health clinic can assist you in formulating an action plan to overcome your depression and ultimately beat it.

Anxiety Counseling

Your anxiety is unique to you and we help you form a better understanding of it and what action plan we can put in place for you to overcome your issues. Anxiety can be a crippling obstacle in people's lives, but we are able to show and guide you through these tough times.

PTSD Counseling

PTSD has to be treated with care and we fully understand that. We can help you understand your emotions while navigating your past to help you overcome this disorder. Post traumatic stress disorder is more common than you might think and we have a very well rounded understanding of how it can affect your everyday life.

Addiction Counseling

We offer a judgement free zone and safe space for you to unravel the causes of your addiction and substance abuse. The first step is to come to terms that you in fact need help and we work with you and guide you through this understanding. Together we can formulate an effective game plan to help you overcome your addiction and get back to living life to the fullest.

Postpartum Depression Counseling

At a time in your life that supposed to be filled with joy, you may find yourself in the rut of postpartum depression. This type of depression is very common and seeking help to understand these emotions is nothing to be ashamed of. We help you gain a clear view of why you are feeling this way and what we can do to navigate you through this confusing time.